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Aim One Company Founder, Aizehi Itua, Shares Expert Advice on Wake Up Nigeria Show

Aim One Company Founder, Aizehi Itua and Titi Oyinsan on Wake Up Nigeria Show on TVC
Aim One Company Founder, Aizehi Itua and Titi Oyinsan on Wake Up Nigeria Show on TVC

Aim One Company's visionary founder, Aizehi Itua, recently made a significant appearance on the popular Wake Up Nigeria show on TVC. Aizehi discussed critical aspects of personal branding, digital footprints, lifelong learning, and navigating the gig economy in an engaging interview with accomplished host Titilayo Oyinsan.

Personal Branding for Career Success:

During the insightful discussion, Aizehi shared expert advice on developing a strong personal brand for career success. He emphasised the significance of self-awareness, understanding one's core values, and intentional structuring in defining an individual's meaning and perception. According to Aizehi, "Personal brand is just basically managing the meaning of you." He added that if you go into a company with high personal brand equity, you become an asset as the company can leverage your brand resonance.

“Personal branding is just basically managing the meaning of you. It comes from within, understanding your core, understanding where you want to be in terms of vision, and structuring yourself well enough to define the meaning and perception of you." - Aizehi Itua

Navigating Digital Footprints:

In the second episode, Aizehi expanded on the concept of digital footprints and their impact on personal branding. He shared helpful hints for managing one's online presence, social media accounts, and leveraging digital platforms to improve one's professional reputation.

"A digital footprint is literally everything you've done digitally, from your accounts to your posts and all of the engagements that you've done. It's like the mark you've made online, whether positive or negative." - Aizehi Itua

Lifelong Learning and Future-Proofing Careers:

In the third episode, Aizehi shifted the spotlight to the importance of lifelong learning in the rapidly evolving professional landscape. He emphasized the need for professionals to stay updated with industry trends, citing data fluency, digital marketing, and soft skills as essential areas for growth.

"For you to future-proof your relevance in the workplace and continuously be an expert, there's a need to continuously learn and master the art of learning." - Aizehi Itua

Personal Branding in the Gig Economy:

The final episode featured Aizehi discussing personal branding in the gig economy, where individuals often work on short-term contracts or gigs. Aizehi explored the significance of personal branding for freelancers and small business owners, urging them to showcase their expertise and build trust.

"Your personal brand should be positioning you as a thought leader so that you can build trust well enough to leverage your business." - Aizehi Itua

Aim One Company remains committed to empowering individuals and businesses, fostering a culture of continuous learning, and shaping the future of branding and marketing as we continue on our journey of personal and corporate growth. Aizehi's insight has not only inspired people to take control of their personal and professional narratives, but it has also established Aim One Company as a beacon of innovation and expertise.

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