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Aizehi Itua, Founder of Aim One Company, Receives "35 Under 35" Marketing Excellence Award

Aizehi Itua, the founder of Aim One Company, has been honoured with the coveted "35 UNDER 35 MARKETING COMMUNICATION PROFESSIONALS" award by Brand Communicator at the BRANDCOM AWARDS 2023.

The Brandcom Awards 2023, a celebration of great young professionals in marketing and advertising, has highlighted Aizehi Itua's extraordinary efforts. As the founder of Aim One Company, Aizehi has guided the firm to success and built an organizational culture of innovation, creativity, and devotion to quality.

The fact that Aizehi Itua was named one of the "35 Under 35" marketing professionals is more evidence of the high calibre of people that make up the Aim One team. It is a reflection of the business's dedication to developing people, setting new standards, and continuously providing its clients in the fast-paced marketing and advertising sector with the highest calibre solutions.

"This award is a shared success, and I am immensely proud of the incredible team at Aim One," stated Aizehi. It inspires us to keep pushing the envelope of creativity and innovation in the marketing and advertising sectors and underlines our dedication to excellence."

The Brandcom Awards 2023 event took place at THE CIVIC CENTRE, Ozumba Mbadiwe Road, Victoria Island, Lagos, and was attended by industry executives, professionals, and visionaries. Aizehi Itua's accolade emphasizes not just his individual accomplishments but also Aim One Company's collective commitment to being at the forefront of innovation and quality in the marketing and advertising sectors.

As Aim One Company looks toward the future, this award serves as a powerful reminder of the company's commitment to fostering a dynamic, forward-thinking, and excellence-driven environment within the marketing and advertising landscape.



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